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If you’re dealing with any of the following pests, contact us today to remove them.

Our pest identification guide will help identify various pests in your home, allowing you to prevent further invasion and find out more information about these pests.

Bed Bugs

 pest identification guide in Arizona, Desert Castle Pest Control

Bed bugs are fairly common in people’s homes and can live up to one year without a blood meal. It’s important to eradicate a bed bug infestation as soon as possible since female bed bugs lay anywhere from three to seven eggs per day.

To identify a bed bug, be on the look out for the following signs:

  • Red/brown adult bugs, 1/4″ in size
  • Pearly white eggs
  • Bed bugs live in their hiding places (usually beds)
  • Dried excrement in hiding areas


Our in-house bee specialist, Bill George, is happy to discuss any bee removal or extermination needs in Maricopa County.

If a bee hive has been built on or near your home, be careful about how you approach the hive to remove it:

  • Bees tend to sting in large numbers
  • Bees will aggressively defend their hives when they feel threatened
  • Bees usually sting in greater numbers as a defense mechanism
  • If you are stung, remain calm and remove the stinger. DO NOT squeeze the stung area as that increases the likelihood of venom injection
  • Many people are highly allergic to bees. If itching and swelling, on top of intense pain, occurs, seek medical attention immediately

Give Bill George a call today for further information about removing bees at (480) 522-9229.



We all know how irksome birds can be – loud, destructive, mean, and full of potentially harmful diseases. Their nests attract other animals and pests including fleas.

It can be difficult to properly prevent birds from nesting in your yards or defecating on your car. We can help remove birds from your property and prevent them from nesting there again. Give us a call today at (480) 593-7034.


Pest ID in Mesa, Arizona

Roaches are vile and unhygienic pests who contaminate food and living spaces with their excrement and secretions.

Roaches are often found harboring inside of people’s homes because they enjoy humid and warm places with access to food.

Kitchens and bedrooms make great hiding places for roaches and they can often go undetected for long periods of time if they find a discrete place to harbor.

To adequately identify roaches, be on the lookout for:

  • Odor
  • Increased or new allergies
  • Egg case droppings (usually in hiding places such as drawers or clothing)
  • Holes in wood (some roaches, like termites, digest wood)

rat copy

No one likes dealing with rodent problems, ranging from rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, and moles.

Rodents often carry harmful bacteria and diseases that thrive in their nesting places. They can cause severe damage to your living quarters, yards, and even pets.

How do you know if you have rodents? Look for:

  • Erratic or scared behavior in pets
  • Droppings
  • Gnaw marks on wood
  • Trails in the dust in your home (especially in closets, corners, or on furniture)
  • Putrid odor

Contact us today to learn how to prevent and remove rodent infestations.


Pest ID in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale & Glendale, Arizona

Scorpions are vicious and can cause serious damage to your home if untreated.

We specialize in the removal of scorpions from one’s home or office. View our black light or home sealing services pages to learn more about our processes.

How do you know if you’ve been stung?

  • Immediate pain or discomfort to sting area
  • Numbness to stung area
  • Sensitive skin
  • Swollen tongue or difficulty speaking
  • Restlessness once stung
  • Irritability once stung

pest identification guide in Maricopa, Paradise Valley, & Sun Lakes, AZ

Termites are difficult to identify sometimes because they can be winged or wingless, differ in size and color, and vary in size from very small (3/8″) to medium sized (1/4″).

Termites thrive off of wood, so any wood-based furniture, siding, paneling, or foundation are susceptible to termite damage or entrance.

If you’ve noticed any gaping holes in wood, be certain to check for termites. They can also build and live within the walls of homes or offices.



Wasps and wasp nests are fairly easy to identify. Wasps move constantly, so there is likely a stream of wasps going to and from the nest (usually situated inside of paneling or in a discreet location not easily visible such as the roof).

Wasps feed off of protein and sugars, so make certain to clean up after eating outdoors as they will swarm to those foods when given the opportunity. It’s impossible for wasps to live without the proper amount of sugar to sustain their flight abilities.

Contact us if wasps have nested in or around your home to properly remove them and prevent them from coming back.


flower copy

If weeds are overtaking your garden or lawn, call us today to have them eradicated. It’s important to get rid of your weed problems to ensure your lawn is kept beautiful and to protect our ecosystem.

Whether you’re dealing with Tumbleweeds, Nightshdes, Foxtails, or Puncture Vines, our team of weed removal experts can assist. If you’re uncertain of whether what’s growing in your lawn is a weed or native plant, contact us to schedule a free estimate.

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For additional questions about the types of pests that exist in homes in Arizona, contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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