Mice will play, when the cat’s not away

In most states, winter months mean hibernation for most pests and wildlife. But here in Arizona, pests come inside your home seeking warmth and food.

Many pests who may be looking for a cozy home are house mice.

Winter may be half way over, but you can still take some precautions to prevent house mice from entering your home.

Mice can do more than make you scream

Like many pests, mice like to make their nests in dark, isolated places like your attic or basement. They can do serious damage to your property, home and family’s health. They can chew through drywalls and wires, causing a fire risk. They can damage the structure of your home and contaminate your family’s food supply.

They can crawl all throughout your home – inside and outside of your walls. They have been known to contaminate food and spread serious diseases like Salmonella and tapeworms. They can bring in fleas, mites, ticks and lice into your home.

Mice don’t need a hole in your baseboards to enter your home

Mice are agile creatures and can squeeze through an opening as small as a dime. They can climb vertically and can jump up to 12 inches!

To see if mice have infested your home, check for:

  • Droppings
  • Gnaw marks
  • Damaged food packaging

Mice can breed and adapt to a new environment quickly:

  • A female mouse can give birth to a half dozen babies every three weeks
  • That adds up to one female mouse producing up to 35 babies per year
  • Swift action to prevent, exterminate and control mice populations is important

What you can do to keep mice away

Since mice can crawl through tiny openings, you should seal all cracks on the outside of your home with caulk and steel wool. Try to keep clutter to a minimum and any storage boxes off the floor. You may not like clutter, but mice do.

If you suspect mice have been crawling around your home, attic or basement, the best type of treatment is to call a professional. We can come out and check for evidence of mice and treat your home. Call or text us at 480-593-7034 or email us at desertcastlepc@gmail.com.