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Detect and prevent scorpion invasion with our black light services.

Dealing With Scorpions

Scorpions are tricky pests to deal with. Part of the problem is that they are hard to locate when they are infesting the area. Scorpions are nocturnal, which means they are active at night, and this service is designed to find scorpions when they become active.

They also have strange behavioral patterns compared to other pests. This is because scorpions are not insects and do not groom themselves. They also do not nest among other scorpions.

In fact, scorpions generally do not get along together at all. Many times, scorpions will fight or even eat other scorpions they come in contact with.

How We Help

Because of their nocturnal behavior and solitary lifestyle, it can be very difficult to determine where they are coming from once they have infested a location. However, scorpions have specific kinds of proteins in their exoskeleton that make them glow under UV light.

We come around dusk, when the scorpions start to come out of their nests, and we search the perimeter of your home to find where these creepy critters are coming from. Once we find out where they are coming from, we can add additional treatments to those specific areas.

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Black Light Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZ
The Black Light treatment is essential to locating, evaluating, and dealing with your scorpion issues. From there, we can decide how best to seal and protect your home or office from future scorpion infestations. No one should have to deal with scorpions in their home. We are here to help you discover and take care of any scorpion problems you may face.

If you are suffering from a scorpion infestation, call us over at Desert Castle, and we will come out, consult you, and remove the scorpions for you. Give us a call today!

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