Bed bug infestations are showing up everywhere

What do libraries, apartments and schools have in common? Bed bugs that’s what! Bed bugs have increasingly been in the news lately and that’s because they’re being found in more public places. It used to be that bed bugs were confined to bedrooms and maybe hotels. But lately it seems that they’re being found in private and public buildings, anywhere they can reproduce and find a new feeding host.

Bed bugs love to move, read and go to school

Apartment buildings have seen an increase in bed bug infestations due to people moving more frequently. Bed bugs travel in luggage and moving boxes, so moving from one place to another is an easy way for bed bugs to get around. Plus, it’s easy for bed bugs to infest other apartments in the same building once they’re inside.

Bed bugs have been checking out libraries for some time now. They infest libraries by traveling in books. The tiny bed bugs hide out in the spines of books and lay their eggs. When the eggs mature and the books are taken home, the bed bugs emerge from the books and feed on the new reader. Talk about a spine tingling thriller!

Schools get infested with bed bugs almost the same way apartments and libraries do – by traveling either from backpack or from other means (books, boxes, or clothing). Elementary schools up through universities have seen an increase in bed bug infestations – just like apartments, libraries, and your home, aggressive treatment is necessary to get rid of bed bugs .

Bed bugs – have food, will travel

Bed bugs need animal or human blood to survive. They feed at night (which explains why so many people don’t “see” them) and they like to hide in tiny places. Bed mattresses, books and clothing are great places for bed bugs to make a home. They have plenty of food (you and your family) and will be able to easily reproduce.

Here are three signs that show you may have a possible bed bug infestation:

  • You wake up with itchy welts where bed bugs fed on your body. Since these welts are usually mistaken for another type of insect bite like a mosquito, proper infestation identification by a pest control professional is needed.
  • You smell a musty odor given off from the bed bugs’ scent glands.
  • The most telling signs that you have a bed bug infestation are “rusty” spots on your mattress or bedding and shed skins.

If these bed bug signs don’t get you to call a trusted pest control company, then you’ll continue to have a bed bug problem.

Whatever type of building you have, you should check for bed bug infestations

Female bed bugs can lay eggs three to seven times a day, which adds up to over two thousands eggs a year – that’s just one female bed bug! These eggs are virtually impossible to see and bed bugs can mature in as little as under a month.

A bed bug’s flat body makes it easy for it to squeeze through any opening the size of the width of a credit card. So essentially any crack, crevice or hole is big enough for bed bugs to infest. They usually start laying eggs in the bedroom (in the mattress or bed frame) and then move to other rooms of your home. Bed bugs do not mean that you have a dirty home or indicates what your socio-economic status is, but that bed bugs have been able to infest and reproduce without any disturbance. So basically, any home can be infested with bed bugs, not unless of course you get your home properly treated.

We have been successfully treating for bed bugs in homes and businesses for many years and our experienced staff can identify the signs of a bed bug infestation and effectively rid your home of these tiny pests. Call, text or email us to set up an appointment for us to look for signs of bed bugs and to start treating your home now – before any bed bugs multiply.